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Lauren Jones knows thrifting. She has lived and loved scouring the rails of almost every op shop she has ever passed from a young grunge-era age. In the early 90’s you would find her searching with hawk like precision for the most perfectly cobain-esque ugly cardigans, Vedder worthy Army fatigues, Grotesque old man shirts and ill-fitting Levis. These pieces formed a signature look until the realisation that the coolest of grunge boys traditionally don’t date girls that look like, well, the coolest of grunge boys.


Armed with this knowledge she began to seek out 60’s petticoats and old furs to channel every grunge boy’s poster girl, Courtney Love.  


Years of dedication to her grunge aesthetic ended abruptly when, after graduating high school, she embarked on getting a job in the ‘real’ world. In a twist of fate, the ‘real’ world she ended up in was Vogue.


At Vogue the pay was lousy, the clothes fabulous! This suburban grunge girl had to lift her game and quick! Luckily, in the early 2000’s, the horror of wearing hand me down vintage clothes in the fashion world made authentic designer vintage pieces widely available in most second-hand stores. Refocusing her thrift savvy ways, she was able to build a wardrobe largely of Yves Saint Laurent that managed to turn a few senior stylist’s heads.


After four years at Vogue, Lauren made the decision to move into fashion buying. Cutting her teeth in the David Jones womenswear buying office, she now had a more sizable clothing allowance and the Australian designer collections at her disposal. Finding a wardrobe of entirely new pieces felt foreign and it wasn’t too long before carefully chosen vintage pieces started to work their way into her 9 to 5.


Working in fashion buying for nearly 15 years, where the focus is always ‘buy new/ buy more’, the need for constant consumption started to weigh heavily on her. She took one year off buying new pieces and rediscovered her love of both personal style and, you guessed it, vintage.


Ladyhawke was born out of the pure joy of sourcing pre-loved clothing and giving them new purpose. Her keen fashion buying experience and Hawk-like eye means the pieces selected are both seasonally relevant and well-priced for the consumer.




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